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Follow up info to mailing you might have received last week from Westchester Power
Release Date: November 27, 2018

During the past week... I received some calls and e mails from residents who received a mailing from Westchester Power. Some of the caller's were confused why they received the mailing and asked if  if this ESCO is legitimate.

The answer: Greenburgh is one of 17 communities in Westchester that is participating with Westchester Power in an effort to stabilize Con Ed rates.  4 other communities in Westchester have signed with Westchester Power to supply energy in northern Westchester. We all got together and negotiated an agreement to freeze your bill for the terms of the contract. Because so many residents are part of the agreement we were able to obtain a discounted bulk rate that benefits you, the consumer.


During the past few years that we have been part of this initiative every Greenburgh resident saved some money--a modest amount.  During the first 25 months (June 2015 through June 2018) Greenburgh residents saved an average of $194.91 for a modest savings of $7.78 per month.

I posted this link -the first 2 year report earlier this year



ESCOS have existed in NYS since the late 1990s. New Yorker's have had the opportunity to shop around and to consider contracting with one of about 75 ESCOs that offer rate discounts. 


Several ESCOs have been guilty, however, of predatory business practices (i.e. teaser rates that spike over time). Some offer free gifts as incentives. Months later your rates go up.  Most consumers don't know how to analyze the ESCO's. 

Westchester Power is overseen by local governments.  They have a paid staff of professionals who study the industry. They solicited a competitive bid before they selected the company that is providing ratepayers with power. The rates are fixed (can't go up or down during the term of the contract). The municipalities that signed up for this program agreed that we could get a better deal from the ESCO if more people participated. Every resident of every municipality that has signed up to participate who is not enrolled in another ESCO is automatically enrolled. However- everyone can opt out if you don't want to participate.  And, if you opt out you could continue to get the service from Con Ed or from any other ESCO you choose to enroll with.  Some people have been offended that they are automatically enrolled unless they opt out. If ratepayers only could join an ESCO if they opted in, fewer people would have enrolled and the price and terms we got would not have been as good.


It's possible that you could do better with another ESCO but most people don't have the time or knowledge to carefully compare the benefits or negatives  of other ESCOs. Because the rates are fixed for the term it's also possible that Con Ed rates could be lower. Con Ed rates would only be lower if utility prices go down (which I think is unlikely during the length of the contract).  So far they haven't been lower but there are no guarantees. We think you'll do better with Westchester Power, however.

Westchester Power has a great website and a section called frequently asked questions. I hope this link and their website will address concerns you may have.  Again - the goal has been to freeze rates, avoid increases and to help you save money. 



Need more information on the Westchester Power Program? These frequently asked questions cover all your most detailed questions about the CCA. Still can't find an answer? Call our Mount Kisco office at (914) 242-4725.

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