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Release Date: July 28, 2006


Many residents have expressed an interest in
purchasing generators.  Here is some information you
may want to consider when selecting a generator for
your home. PAUL FEINER

This list of approximate running watts for household
appliances was compiled with the help of Napoleon
Mitchell and Peter Tetr
Refrigerator 700
Freezer 700
Light bulb 100
Radio 50 to 200
TV 200 to 500
Microwave oven 700 to 1000
Slow cooker 200
Garage door opener 500 to 750

Note:   Running Wattage vs. Surge Wattage
Most appliances are rated for running wattage and
surge wattage.  Run wattage is the amount of
electricity necessary to run the appliance.  Surge
wattage is a higher amount of electricity necessary to
start (2-3 seconds) electric motors commonly found in
household appliances such as a furnace or
refrigerator.  Since appliances rarely start up at the
same time, you will only need to factor in the surge
wattage with the largest difference between running
watts and surge watts.
For example, if you will require 6,000 running watts
and the appliance with the greatest difference between
running watts and surge watts has a difference of
2,000, the generator you select will need to be able
to accommodate up to 8,000 surge watts - 6,000 (run
watts) + 2,000 (greatest difference between run and
surge watts) = 8,000 (surge watts).

Where to buy a generator:
Here are some places where generators are sold.
However, these are not the only places.  Please note
that these are merely suggestions and the Town of
Greenburgh does not endorse any of these companies.

www.heartlandamerica.com. In the August catalog, three
generators are listed: a 1000 watts generator $149.99,
a 2800 watts $299.99, 4000 watts $449.99.A club member
receives a 10% discount and free shipping.  One person
could become a member and residents could decide which
generator meets their needs and order the generator
through that person to receive the 10% discount and
the free shipping, exclusive of the over weight
shipping cost of $ 6.95, $19.95, $69.95 depending on
wattage size  Napolean Mitchell advises that he has
had excellent experience with this company.
For more information, visit:
Home Depot-a wide variety of generators ranging in
price and wattage, visit
www.homedepot.comor Home
Depot stores to learn more about the different brands
and types of generators they carry.
Sam’s Club-the local store sells a 6750 Watt generator
for $928.76.  There are other generators advertised on
their website,
www.walmart.comoffers a Coleman Powermate
Premium 6250 Watt generator for $547.47.  This
generator features a 5 gallon gas tank, a 10 HP
Tecumseh gas engine, a wheel and handle kit for
portability, and is recommended for outdoor use only.
For more information, visit:

Many residents have also asked whether or not they
will need to apply for a permit for a generator.  John
Lucido, the Building Inspector, offered this advice:
“There's nothing much to do except to file for a
permit for the hook-up from the electrical panel to
the generator. Usually, people have the generator on
wheels in their garage and move it outside when
operating them.  You can't start them indoors because
of carbon monoxide exposure.  If they want a more
sophisticated, permanent installation outside the
house, a building permit would be required with a plan
showing the unit and its location.  In any case, an
electrical permit is needed.”

Consumer Reports Recommendations: (visit
www.consumerreports.orgfor more information)
Ratings Generators      
     CR Quick    Recommendations   

    See a summary of test findings and Quick Picks--the
choices that merit first consideration, including any
CR Best Buys.

Models judged very good in our power-delivery tests
came closest to meeting their wattage claims and
maintained the voltage needed to keep devices from
overheating. But those judged fair provided far less
than promised and could damage motorized appliances as
well as computers and other sensitive electronics.
There’s more to generators than wattage, however.
Models that scored highest tended to have the most
conveniences, as shown by the Features columns and
their higher ease-of-use scores. The small Honda and
Yamaha were especially quiet and competent. Their
inverter technology also made them much more competent
than similarly sized models, though much more
expensive. The Ratings rank generators by overall
performance. See Wattage needs to choose the right
size generator for your needs. Then check our Quick
Picks, below, which focus on value and more
specialized requirements.


Best for most emergency needs; both of these top
performers are CR Best Buys:6 Generac $650 (5,500
watts) 9 Troy-Bilt $650 (5,550 watts)Both offer long
run time per tank and lots of features at a reasonable
price. For extended outages or added comfort:7 North
Star $2,000 (6,600 watts) 12 Briggs & Stratton $1,900
(10,000 watts)The North Star can run on other fuels,
easing storage needs. The Briggs & Stratton offers the
most wattage by far.  If low noise outweighs high
wattage:1 Honda $1,800 (2,800 watts) 2 Yamaha $1,900
(2,800 watts)Both are quiet and far more competent
than similarly sized models. But their high-tech
inverter design isn’t cheap.


NOTE: Ratings and prices updated 8/05. Some of the
models we reported on in November 2003 have been
discontinued. We note those cases, and any other
exceptions, below.

Availability: Most models at stores through June
Key numbers with a • indicate Quick Picks.                     
Within types, in performance order.    Excellent   Very
good    Good    Fair    Poor

     Brand & model   Weight (lbs.)   Price   Overall score
      Performance     Features
    SMALL (3,000 to 4,000 watts) Best for bare
essentials, recreation, or powering tools.
•1  Honda EU3000is  132 $1,700      2800    7                   •   •  

•2  Yamaha EF3000iSE    153 1,900       2800    7               •   •   •
3   Generac 4000EXL 1645    142 750     4000    7.5             •   •
4   Craftsman 32330Note: Discontinued.  90  450     3000    2  
5   Coleman Powermate Premium PM0543000.17Note:
Discontinued.   105 400     3000    2                              
    MIDSIZED (4,500 to 7,000 watts) Fine for most
emergency needs.
•6  Generac Wheelhouse 5500 1646 CR Best Buy    157
$650        5500    6.5             •   •   •   •  
•7  North Star 8000 TFG 165938F     260 2,000       6600    6   
            •   •   •  
8   Craftsman 32560     157 650     5600    6.5             •   •   •
•9  Troy-Bilt 5550 01919 CR Best Buy    156 650     5550
6.5             •   •   •   •  
10  Coleman Powermate Premium Plus PM0545005Note:
Discontinued.   133 500     5000    6                   •          
11  Honda EG 5000XK1    148 1,350       4500    2.5                 •       •
    LARGE (10,000 watts or more) Can power most home
items when properly equipped.
•12     Briggs & Stratton Elite Series 09801    282 $1,900 
    10000   6               •   •       •  

Sold only at Northern Tool  (
Can run on propane or natural gas as well as gasoline;
scores apply to gas.  Sold only at Home Depot (item
842-057).  Sold only at Lowes (item 45428).
If you have any further questions please call me at
993 1540 or e mail me at
Paul Feiner, Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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