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Release Date: September 02, 2018

In recent years I have complained about postal service problems. The service is not reliable.  Earlier this year the US Postal Service responded by hiring a Westchester Postal Service manager who is working very hard - addressing individual problems and getting results for some people. A new Hartsdale postmaster was hired. Have received fewer complaints than I was receiving at the beginning of the year. 

But--postal service problems continue.  It's not only a local problem. It's a national problem.   The following are just a few of the complaints I received from residents and businesses in recent days (most are a few days old).  

If the Postal Service doesn't get their act together more and more people will stop using the mail and the Postal Service won't survive. We can't depend on mail delivery for checks, bills, prescriptions.  There have been stories in the national media about mail being thrown away.

What should be done?
The US Congress should hold public hearings on the postal service problems and come up with specific recommendations. I believe that the US Postmaster General should visit Greenburgh and Westchester -and hear, first hand, what the complaints are.  

Something needs to be done.

Every complaint I receive is not only sent to the Westchester district manager, regional manager but is also sent to the United States Postmaster General, other high ranking officials at the US Postal Service and to our Westchester congressional delegation. I have sent hundreds of complaints to them in recent months.








Good Sunday morning Paul.  The problem with mail delivery in Hartsdale is really quite serious and is not improving despite all the hoopla you and Nita Lowey display.  It is Labor Day week-end and my grandson's bus tag and pick up/drop off information from the school (Greenburgh) transportation still has not been delivered.  I spoke yesterday with the director of the transportation department - yes, on a holiday week-end.  He told me all bus tags were mailed out in mid-August and many, many people did not receive them - I am one of them.  How am I supposed to put my grandson on his school bus and get to work when I have no information about it.  I believe the transportation department that information was mailed.  I am very certain it is sitting in a bin in the Hartsdale post office.  You really need to get something done about this.


Dear Mr. Feiner,
I have just spoken to the Board of Ed. concerning two very important pieces of mail that have not been delivered, but have been sent out.  They are concerning my son's first grade teacher and the school calendar.  All the other Moms have received them.  They are two weeks over due. 
   Can you please contact the responsible parties. We have had numerous problems with our mail in the past and recent past. This is unacceptable. 



Dear Town Supervisor Feiner,
I have read that we have problems with the USPS mail delivery in Greenburgh. On most days I receive someone else's email on East Hartsdale Avenue.
As as example yesterday I received mail from 68 EHA,  though I live at 45EHA. I was kind enough to personally walk the mail to 68EHA. Apparently no attention of care is exhibited by the mail carriers.
I could have dropped in the mail box but don't know if the recipient would receive it.
I didn't want to discuss with my mail carrier since they could take out retribution on me by not delivering my mail to be properly.
 This seems to be a systemic problem and want to make you aware of it by sending you the attached photos/mail of the mail delivered.



I am reaching out to you because I read your communication re: mail problems that you issued a few months ago.  We have been having problems with your mail here in Irvington for at least the past 3 years and I have made a few complaints to the Irvington post office.   Complaints have included 
- receiving other peoples' mail, including mail not even from our street and sometimes not even from our town
- delivery occurring very late in the day - almost always after 6PM, sometimes as late as 8PM
- not receiving our own mail - ( have had several past due bills because I did not receive the original bills
- at the time of my son's bar mitzvah three different families left cards with checks in our mail box when their children were not able to attend the part - - all three envelopes were taken from our mailbox and never returned to us
These pictures represent mail that was delivered to us Thursday evening some time after 7:30.   As you can see, in addition to getting our own mail we got mail delivered to 4 different families including one family in Elmsford.  Among the misdelivered mail were 2 bills, which, if I had been lazy, I could have just tossed in the trash (but of course did not).    Most of the mail contained type written addresses which should have easily been scanned and read by any mail sorting device that might be used by the postal system.  
This is really a disgrace.   I have lived in White Plains, West Harrison and North White Plains over the years and it wasn't until I moved to Irvington that I started encountering problems.   I have spoken to my neighbors just on my immediate street and they have had the same issues as well.  
If you can weld any influence in improving the situation it would most definitely be appreciated my me and the rest of my neighbors.


Good afternoon to whom it may concern yesterday August 31 was one of the worst experiences I had dealing with the postal service. I first received an email that my package can Could not  be deliver because  the mailman could not get in my front door however I received my mail in my mailbox. That same night when I got home I saw a bin of mail in my lobby with all the undeliverable mail and all the mail that was put in the outgoing mail  box Sitting in a  us postal mail  bin my lobby. Photos attached I find this very disturbing not only was my Nila delivery but others peoples mail was left out to the public.  From  a concerned Postal customer Stephen

Something is terribly wrong here with the mail. We are not getting our mail and it's 6:30 and no sign of anyone delivering mail. I understand Marcus left the route and two girls have taken over the route but we are not getting mail. Mail has been found on the sidewalk and a neighbor picked it up and brought it over to the person. Please look into this matter as it is serious. Besides medication there are bills that are not coming and then being charged late fees. Thank you.




Good morning Paul,
Hope all is well.  I have written you previously about the USPS, and you have responded, thank you.
In the past month, our company, ( DELETED NAME OF COMPANY FOR THIS POSTING), have had checks from our customers, commercial and residential, returned to them undeliverable from various towns, cities in Westchester County.  Our address they used was correct,  and we confirmed that with them when they finally received their checks back. Today we received 2 phone calls from commercial customers that had their checks for us were returned, undeliverable, with our correct business name & address. 
I know mistakes happen, but I feel that this is a growing trend.   When our regular mail lady who we love and are NOT complaining about, we always receive all mail, 1st class , etc.  When she is on vacation, we intermittently receive 1st class mail.
As a small business owners, who have been in the same location for 24 years, who rely on their customers’ payments to keep doing business, this is a frustration that we don’t think is acceptable.  I know you are in regular contact with the USPS due to many complaints. 


As of this minute,7:13am Friday, no mail was delivered Thursday, August 23rd.   I'm certain of this because I left a letter to be picked up, and there is a bar code in my letter box that must be scanned at the end of the route.  No storm, no rain , no mail!

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