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Release Date: July 29, 2018

Recently, you probably have seen temporary water mains installed along the edge of the roadway and across driveways and walkways on Underhill in Edgemont and on surrounding streets. Prior to going to Edgemont our water department initiated a similar relining mains in the Mayfair Knollwood section of town.  A photo is attached.

   Sorry for the inconvenience! We’re addressing your water infrastructure and relining  the water mains along Underhill Road, Stoneybrook Lane, Rockhill Lane, Oxford Lane, Clayton Road and Evandale Road.
   The lining is important and will ensure that your water is clean, delicious and always safe and healthy to drink!  Rather than replace old pipes we’re relining them. This is the second neighborhood in town where water main relining is being done.
The benefits of this water main relining project are threefold. The first benefit is to water quality. As part of the water main relining process, the water main is first cleaned and then relined. The cleaning of the water main removes sediment that may have accumulated which increases water quality and flow rates through the pipe. Increased flow rates result in greater fire protection at the fire hydrants.
The second benefit is to the maintenance of the water infrastructure. The relining of the water main prevents further internal corrosion of the pipe which reduces the risk of future pipe failure and extends the life of the water main pipe.
The third benefit is to the construction process. Unlike traditional water main replacement, water main relining only requires a series of strategically excavated pits that are typically 5 feet wide by 7 feet long. These pits are used for the cleaning and relining equipment as well as for the replacement of fire hydrants and associated fittings. Traditional water main replacement requires trenching the entire length of water main pipe and excavating at each home’s curb box to establish a water connection (much more work involved).
   During the process there may be some minor temporary inconveniences. We will work very hard to keep outages and disruptions to an absolute minimum. Please be advised that the work that we’re doing is essential.
   Those who are impacted by the water lining initiative or any water related problem you can always call me at home, at my office or on my cell. I will get back to you immediately and follow up on your concerns. I do not mind receiving calls on weekends or evenings.  You can also call the water department at 989 1900 or the police department at 989 1700.  For questions about the project you can call the Bureau of Engineering at 989 1583.
   Thank you for your patience. The work in Edgemont is expected to be completed sometime before December –but variables can affect the duration of the construction. The work in Mayfair Knollwood started much earlier and the temporary water mains should be removed sooner.
   Feel free to reach out  to me anytime I can be of help.



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