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2 year report- how Greenburgh utility customers did participating in the Westchseter Power ESCO
Release Date: July 24, 2018

2 year report --how Greenburgh utility customers did participating in the Westchester Power ESCO

June, 2016-June, 2018


Westchester Power CCA Program Results for Greenburgh


Two years ago the Greenburgh Town Board entered into an agreement with Westchester Power to supply Greenburgh residents with electricity. Have you, the consumer, saved money as a result of this agreement? I asked Westchester Power to provide the town with an update. Greenburgh residents have seen modest savings as a result of this agreement.  : Since the Westchester Power municipal electricity supply program launched in April 2016, there have been financial savings for customers and significant environmental benefits derived from carbon dioxide avoidance for those customers using the 100% renewable energy supply.


When the Town Board approved the agreement with Westchester Power we promised residents that we would periodically provide Greenburgh utility ratepayers with updates -letting you know how you're doing participating in this ESCO.  Your thoughts are always welcome.  Please be advised that every resident of unincorporated Greenburgh is automatically enrolled in this program but residents who don't want to participate can opt out.



Performance overview

Over the 25-month period from June 2016 through June 2018, Greenburgh’s participation in the Westchester Power program has resulted in the following:

  • 191,709,288 kilowatt-hours of electricity have been served;

  • Customers saved $2,156,547 collectively; and

  • 613 tons of carbon dioxide were avoided by customers who opted in to the renewable energy supply.


Breakdown by customer type

Over that same time period:

  • Residents in the standard supply on average saved $194.51, for a modest savings of $7.78/month;

  • Residents who opted in to the 100% renewable/green supply on average saved $149.29, for a modest savings of $6.00/month;

  • Small business customers in standard supply on average saved $50.28, for a modest savings of $2.01/month; and

  • Small business customers who opted in to the 100% renewable/green supply on average paid a premium of $5.61, or approximately 22 cents per month to go green.


Where the savings come from

The chart below outlines the three types of savings that contribute to the financial benefits of the CCA:

  1. Supply Savings: The difference between Con Ed’s variable rate that month and Westchester Power’s fixed rate. Calculated on a per kWh basis. This amounted to $1,135,855 for all Greenburgh CCA customers.
  2. Sales Tax Avoidance: Both residential and commercial accounts are exempt from some portion of sales tax on the delivery portion of their bill (~11 cents per kWh). In most cases, this is 3% for residential and 7.375% for small commercial accounts. Greenburgh CCA customers avoided $675,644.
  3. Billing and Processing Payment: When in the CCA, each customer avoids a $1.20/mo charge for billing and processing. Greenburgh saved $345,048.



Greenburgh Program Totals

June 2016 - June 2018



CO2 Avoided (MT)

Supply Savings

Sales Tax Avoidance

BPP Savings

Total Savings

Standard Supply Grand Totals:







Renewable Supply Grand Totals:




































Total Savings per Acct






Standard Residential







Standard Commercial







Green Residential







Green Commercial











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