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Release Date: March 01, 2018


1300 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005





Mark Dimondstein,


202-847-42SO (Office)

202-842-4297 (f'ax)

February 21, 2018




Paul J. Feiner Town Supervisor

Town of Greenburgh 177 Hillside Avenue

Greenburgh, NY 10607


Dear Mr. Feiner,




Thanks so much for reaching out to me with your concerns and the concerns of the members of your communities regarding poor, and seemingly ever deteriorating, mail services.

The American Postal Workers Union share your concerns and are extremely disturbed by a series of management actions that have undermined public postal services. These include the slowing down of mail delivery standards, closing of a number of processing facilities that resulted in delayed mail, limiting hours of retail operations and short staffing that is causing long lines at retail units and later and later delivery on the city carrier side.

The USPS has also moved to a "model" of more non-career employees, with greater tum-over in the ranks and less trained postal workers.

Added together, these account for much of the complaints you are receiving. While the union does not "run" the postal services we have raised our voices loud and clear regarding our concerns and believe in defending the "common good" that the public Post Service has historically represented, and should continue to do so.

The challenge of what to do?


  1.                  On my end I have already meet with high level postal management and shared your letter and concerns. Hopefully that will result in some positive changes.



  1.               I am sharing your letter with the APWU Locals that represent postal workers in your area to see if there are some local actions they can   take.
  2.               I am also taking the liberty to send your letter to the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC). The APWU does not represent the letter carriers and I want the NALC  to be fully aware of these service issues as   well.
    1.                I suggest that you contact Postmaster General Megan Brennan directly. The need for proper staffing of our facilities is a core part of the answer to the problems and she needs to hear it from folks like you.
    2.                I also suggest that the Congressional representatives, on both the House and Senate side, be asked to voice their concerns and displeasure to the Postmaster General. Congressional "heat" seems to help.


On a side note, I grew up in Hastings-on-Hudson so I am very familiar with the territory. When I was a kid I remember twice a day mail delivery! Whatever challenges are facing the Postal Service, and there are challenges, the answer should not be to cut and slash services.  I remind my counterparts at postal headquarters that it is not called the United States Postal Business, but rather the United States Postal Service.

I hope some of the union's interventions prove to be helpful. It is a sad state of affairs when the union, and the dedicated postal workers we represent, are far more concerned and interested in service, then is postal management.

Thanks again and let's stay in touch.







Mark Dimondstein President

















February 22, 2018



Paul Feiner

Town of Greenburgh 177 Hillside Ave

White Plains NY  10607-1146



Dear Mr. Feiner,



We are in receipt of your letter to Guy Cottrell, Chief Postal Inspector.


Again, I was disappointed to learn of the situations encountered with The Unite States Postal Service.


It is certainly not unreasonable for customers to expect their mail to be delivered properly, and they have every right to receive better service. To ensure that this matter is immediately addressed, my office has notified offices within the Greenburgh serving area so that appropriate actions may be taken by the management team in each office. Supervisors have been instructed to monitor the delivery of mail for a period of time.


Thank you for choosing the United States Postal Service. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible Postal Service.



We continue to concentrate our efforts in improving the level of service you receive.







Leslie Johnson


Reference:  CA136898347








P. 0.  Box 9631

WHITE PLAINS NY 10610-9631 (914)  697-7002

FAX: (914) 697-7165



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